1. Protect Your Business Network Against Power Outages

    Unexpected electrical power outages bring nothing but bad news for businesses. The inability to operate your company’s computer system means lost time, reduced productivity, and an inability to serve your customers. At the end of the day, a prolonged power outage spells one thing: lost revenue. As the hub of information management in your Seattle business, your company’s network is especially …Read More

  2. It’s Time To Transition To Solar Power

    In 2016 it is easier than ever to make the switch to partial or complete solar power in your Seattle area home. Solar batteries, panels, and related technology have been developing for decades, and with companies like Atlas Power Corp. specializing in the installation, maintenance, and upgrades of solar systems, there are plenty of reasons to consider the transition. Here are just a few of them. G…Read More

  3. Surviving A Power Outage

    As a kid growing up in Seattle, Miles experienced a rare weather event: an ice storm that resulted in every exposed surface being completely glazed with cold, heavy ice. Tree branches fell, power lines were severed, birds died by the hundreds, and entire neighborhoods were left without power for days. It certainly made for an interesting paper route that week, and Miles never forgot the difficulti…Read More