Capacity is the most reliable means of determining rated performance of backup and solar storage batteries under actual load and time conditions. Using state-of-the-art Alber testing equipment, our factory-trained technicians offer professional backup battery system testing services. Whether you require a BCT-2000 computer controlled load bank discharge or a cellcorder resistance test, we have the right equipment and technicians for the job. Once we have completed the evaluation of your backup or solar battery system, we will furnish a concise meaningful report of our findings. Our recommendations will provide assurance of maximum reliability and safe operation of your Back-Up Systems.

Offering solar and backup battery capacity testing services in the Seattle area.

  • Capacity Testing is the Only True Measurement of Backup and Solar Battery Performance
  • Trained Certified Technicians
  • Recreate Actual Load Conditions
  • Only Accurate Method of Predicting Life Expectancy
  • Data is Universally Accepted as Evidence of Warranty Claim
  • Performed to IEEE and Manufacturer’s Standards

If you are searching for solar storage batteries or backup battery capacity testing services in the Seattle area, contact Atlas Power Corp. today!