Installation, Containment, Removal and Recycling of your backup or solar battery systems and metals demand environmental expertise. To assure you of total compliance with local, State, and Federal EPA Guidelines, we operate company owned vehicles and use factory owned recyclers for proper handling and recycling of your business or home batteries.

Atlas Power has 10 years of recycling experience

Experience with Fortune 500 Recycling Programs in the Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, UPS, Industrial and Distribution

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Partners with several strong EPA certified recyclers

Detailed Financial and Environment Due Diligence and Audits

On-going compliance audits

Atlas Power has a Strong Commitment to the Environment

Atlas Power has a Strong Financial History

Atlas Power has locations Nationwide

Single Point Accountability assures:

  • Alleviates tremendous liability including but not limited to superfunds, law suits, serious fines, and corporate reputation
  • Establishes good environmental policy “green”
  • Establishes consistency throughout the United States
  • Establishes proper controls and documentation
  • Adheres to OSHA, EPA, State and Local regulations

If you are in need of professional solar power batteries, installation, maintenance, or recycling services, contact Atlas Power Corp today.