Unexpected electrical power outages bring nothing but bad news for businesses. The inability to operate your company’s computer system means lost time, reduced productivity, and an inability to serve your customers. At the end of the day, a prolonged power outage spells one thing: lost revenue. As the hub of information management in your Seattle business, your company’s network is especially vulnerable to a loss of electrical service.

Gone In An Instant

All it takes is a split second without power to shut down your company’s entire network. During a typical power outage, unsaved work from employees in businesses all across Seattle can be lost. That means hundreds or even thousands of hours’ worth of work getting wiped out. Rebooting servers and workstations and attempting to recover data can also be extremely time consuming. Your business cannot afford to risk these losses.

Business Backup Batteries Are The Solution

With a solar power system complete with backup batteries, Atlas Power Corp. can give you the power to withstand the next major electrical outage without losing valuable data, time, and money. We can install, test, maintain, and upgrade business backup batteries to ensure that your network never goes dark, even if the the rest of Seattle does. With one of our backup battery systems, you’ll never have to worry about being caught off guard again.

Contact Atlas Power Corp. to learn more about the solar batteries we have available to help you stay open for business, no matter what happens to the larger power grid.