As a kid growing up in Seattle, Miles experienced a rare weather event: an ice storm that resulted in every exposed surface being completely glazed with cold, heavy ice. Tree branches fell, power lines were severed, birds died by the hundreds, and entire neighborhoods were left without power for days. It certainly made for an interesting paper route that week, and Miles never forgot the difficulties his family endured as a result of prolonged periods with no electricity.

Of course with it being winter, heat was the main concern. His family shivered under piles of blankets, wondering how much longer it would take for power to be restored. Food in the refrigerator spoiled, necessitating extra trips to a crowded grocery store. And with no television, the family had nothing better to do but sit and contemplate their own misery.

Now a successful professional in Seattle, Miles never has to worry about weathering another power outage like the one from his childhood. With a home solar energy system complete with backup batteries, he not only saves money on his utility bill every month, but remains prepared for the unexpected. In the unlikely event of another freak ice storm, or any other cause for a major power outage, he can simply switch to the backup battery and continue enjoying the conveniences of a modern household.

Atlas Power Corp. has been testing, installing, upgrading, and maintaining backup batteries for home solar power systems since 2003. If you’re interested in fortifying your home against an unexpected power outage, contact us today!