The “going green” movement is sweeping through the country, especially in Seattle. We all know how important it is to begin relying on renewable energy sources, like solar batteries, and gain our independence from fossil fuels. You may have heard about the basics of solar power and what it can do. However, we bet you didn’t know some of the more surprising uses for solar energy!

Heating Your Pool

Did you know that solar power can be used to heat your pool? It’s true! When pools first open, they are often chilly and can take a few weeks to warm up. However, if you install a solar blanket or a solar hot water heating system, you can harness the energy of the sun to keep your pool a comfortable temperature all summer long.

Charging Batteries

The world now has portable solar panels that can charge phones, laptops, and other electronics! No more worrying about a dead phone while camping or on vacation. If a portable solar panel isn’t enough for your batteries, consider skipping the middle man and take a look at our solar power batteries!

Decorating Your Home

While this isn’t a life-changing innovation, there are now decorative ornaments you can put on your lawn that are solar powered! Fountains, bird baths, and other yard decor will never need a battery replacement again.

Atlas Power Corp is prepared to take on your solar energy requirements and help you make the transition into “going green.” Be sure to contact us today and check out our solar batteries to find one that will fit your needs best.