Why Does Battery Testing Matter?

Performing battery maintenance on your primary power and secondary power source is crucial if you want to keep your business or your home running smoothly. Even solar batteries require testing to know the accurate capacity of your battery. So, what are the main benefits of testing?

  • How old the battery is: You can determine where the battery is on its life curve.
  • When to replace the battery: By knowing how much use you can get out of a current battery, you can determine when you should expect to replace your current one.
  • Where the damage is: You will be able to locate both weak cells and faulty intercell connectors.

How Often Should You Test?

Tests should not be run on a calendar basis but rather on a need basis. You can keep the condition of the battery in mind and schedule tests whenever the condition of the battery changes. Note that testing the capacity of a battery does reduce the battery life. However, if you test only occasionally, the loss will be negligible considering that you will have a strong idea of how long the battery will last and what it can do.

Test Your Solar Batteries

If your Seattle solar batteries need testing, be sure to call the professionals at Atlas Power Corp. We look forward to helping you plan ahead for your battery needs. If you need new solar batteries, we would be happy to help with that as well. Contact us today to learn more about our services!