Here at Atlas Power Corp, we’re one of the biggest sources for solar power batteries in Seattle. Unfortunately, conservative media has ignored the successes of solar energy and its sustainability, spreading misconceptions and myths whenever they can. Today we’re going to debunk some of the biggest myths about solar energy so that you can make your own informed, educated decision on whether solar power is right for you.

  • Myth: Solar energy is dirty. The Truth? Solar energy emits MUCH fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fossil fuels, carbon savings from solar energy far outweigh disturbances from development, and expanding our solar power is essential to meet climate goals.
  • Myth: Solar energy requires a vast amount of land to work. The Truth? We could use 4% of our world’s deserts and could provide all of our world’s electricity.. The Department Of Energy reports that 90% of all of America’s power could be supplied by abandoned industrial sites across the country. In fact, we can even often use land that is occupied by solar panels for multiple purposes.
  • Myth: Solar power is too intermittent for the US to be able to use it. The Truth? The United States has a great amount of solar power potential because of new technologies. In fact, we have the potential to be a world leader in solar generation! Obama has made significant investments in smart grid technology, which can help solar scale up, and for this we are very thankful.

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